Traders World opened 28 years ago, in 1984, and immediately became a popular destination for the whole family. It became a place where shoppers of all sorts could enjoy the excitement of strolling through the endless storefronts of new and used merchandise, antiques, collectibles, art and commerce. The market opened with 3 buildings of 250 vendor spaces, and quickly expanded to 16 buildings, 850 inside spaces, 400 outside spaces, all totaled, 11acres of shopping extravaganza. The building was adorned with a collection of rare artifacts from long ago highlighting the agrarian society of our forefathers. Ten huge 99you look, from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, it is a museum of tools and cars and wisdom. Traders World has something for everyone. It is a place to look, linger and reminisce; a place to enjoy the sights and sounds of the marketplace; a place to bargain shop or treasure shop. It is even a place to strike out and run a business of your own. Who knows what awaits you in the many shops at Traders World Market!

Building 3 near the Main Concession seating area,

the North Main Entrance and between Buildings 9 and 10.

Traders World Market is a non-smoking facility.

There are many paved, parking spaces to choose from.

Indoor building climate controlled year round.

The friendly staff is always there to help you if needed!