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Manulife Global Absolute Return Strategies fund

The Manulife Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund* aims to deliver positive absolute returns over the medium to long term in all market conditions. The performance target for the GARS Fund is cash +5% per annum (gross of fees) over rolling three-year periods**. The portfolio manager of the GARS Fund adopts a risk-based approach, which leads it to expect volatility to be lower than in a traditional global equity portfolio with similar long-term objectives.

Performance of the GARS Fund is not guaranteed. The GARS Fund is not a substitute for cash or deposits. In order to achieve its investment objective the GARS Fund will make extensive use of derivatives. The value of an investment may rise as well as fall.

The underlying GARS strategies were founded for Standard Life Groups Defined Benefit Pension Plan in 2005 after decade of development, and offered externally in 2006

Over 40 investment professionals are dedicated to the multi-asset strategy that manages over $93B CAD (as at June 30, 2015)

Daily liquidity, with no performance fees, no waiting period, no lock-up periods, no financial leverage

Unconstrained by traditional asset classes, benchmarks or time horizons, the fund invests in a wide range of uncorrelated strategies from around the world

Fully transparent with comprehensive quarterly risk and return attribution that clearly discloses all underlying strategies

Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund – Prices & Performance

Manulife Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund – advisor guide

Manulife Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund – client brochure

Manulife Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund – client flyer

* The Manulife Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund invests in Canadian dollar hedged Class Z shares of the Standard Life Investments Global SICAV Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund (the underlying fund). The GARS Fund refers to the underlying fund and GARS refers to the Global Absolute Return Strategy created in the UK in 2006.  Following the amalgamation of Standard Life Mutual Funds Ltd. and Manulife Asset Management Accord (2015) Inc. (formerly Standard Life Investments Inc.) with Manulife Asset Management Limited (MAML), effective July 1, 2015, MAML is now the investment fund manager and the primary portfolio manager of the Standard Life mutual funds. MAML manages the assets of the Manulife Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund. The assets of the GARS Fund are managed by Standard Life Investments Limited. The Manulife Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund (formerly Standard Life Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund) was launched on April 15, 2013.

** Cash is defined as the 6-month Canadian Dealer Offered Rate (CDOR). There is no guarantee that the performance target will be attained over this or any time period.

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