) is a Taiwanese romance drama television series based on the original manga novelbyYuu WataseJiro Wang, member of Taiwanese boy bandFahrenheitplayed Night Tenjos role whileSouth KoreanactressKu Hye-sunplayed Riiko Izawa.

Guan Xiaofei, an ordinary office worker, is disheartened when she once again gets rejected by a man she loves, Shi Lun. While walking through a park, Xiaofei picks up a cellphone dropped by an eccentric salesman, Lei Wuwu. In return for retrieving the phone, Wuwu gives Xiaofei a website address dedicated to the Absolute Darling project. Still skeptical, Xiaofei decides to fill up her order anyway and requests her own darling, codenamed Nightly 01 with hundreds ofwish fulfillments. Xiaofei is surprised when Kronos Heaven, the company that Wuwu works for, delivers Nightly 01 the next day, and is even more flabbergasted when Nightly 01 turns out be a hyper-realistic, human-like malesex robotwhose power activation requires a kiss. Despite his function as a sex robot, however, Xiaofei refuses the offer for sex and instead wants the robot, whom she names Wan Naite, to be her boyfriend.

However, Xiaofei is informed that after three days of trial period that she has to buy the robot for NT$100,000,000. An attempt to search for work at a club is fruitless when Naite reacts violently to seeing Xiaofei being harassed, so instead Naite applies for a job at Xiaofeis office. His unusual attachment to Xiaofei becomes a sensation at the office and attracts the attention of Xiaofeis friend, Luo Meijia, who is revealed to be the one stopping Xiaofei from having a boyfriend due to an old incident at work where Xiaofei humiliated Meijia at the workplace. At a company retreat, Meijia tries to sabotage Xiaofei and attracts Naites attention, but her plans are unsuccessful and she herself later quits the office in humiliation when everyone discovers her true nature. At the same time, Naite also incites jealousy on the part of Yan Zongshi, a childhood friend of Xiaofei who has long been in love with her.

Wuwu later tells Xiaofei that she does not need to pay for the original price, but instead she merely has to pay for Naites service costs as well as recording all emotions to be displayed in Naites emotion ring: calm (white), happy (red), pleasure (pink), upset (blue), sad (black), and an increasedlibido(yellow). To earn more money, Naite works at a club servicing female customers, though this only makes Xiaofei jealous. One of Naites customers is Meijia, who kisses him, causing his allegiance to switch to her due to his simple programming. Despite this, though, the fact that he still remembers Xiaofei makes Wuwu realize that there is still hope for him to return to Xiaofei, who then goes through a swimming challenge to finally be able to kiss Naite back, a task that she is successful with.

Agitated with the hard road for libido, Wuwu arranges for Xiaofei and Naite to have a honeymoon at a private island, to no avail due to Zongshis appearance. Kronos Heavens leader, Jiang Baiqi, also sends another model, Nightly 02 under the name of his brother and Xiaofeis childhood friend, Jiang Junshu, to steal Naites place in Xiaofeis heart, which ends in Naitespyrrhic victory, resulting in him having to be sent to Kronos Heaven to be scrapped. Nevertheless, Naite works his way to Xiaofei and defeats a doppelganger sent in his place for Xiaofei. Realizing that he has grown beyond his programming, Baiqi decides to let him go.

However, it is revealed that due to developing his own will, Naite is slowly dying from battery failure. Despite this, he does not tell Xiaofei and continues to make her happy in the days before his death, all the while asking Zongshi to take care of Xiaofei once he is not around. In the final episode, Xiaofei and Naite arranges for a wedding. However, Naite and Xiaofei hold a dress rehearsal with just the two of them the night before the planned wedding, during which Naite finally shuts down, much to Xiaofeis grief. On the day of the funeral, Wuwu and Zongshi go to the church to find Naite already packaged to return to Kronos Heaven to be preserved by Baiqi until technology can improve to possibly revive him once more. Upon finding out Naite has 10 seconds left of charge, Xiaofei shares some last words with him in hopes he can still hear her.

Note: Characters names displayed as in-drama Taiwanese name / original Japanese name

It was announced at a press conference on October 5, 2010 that a live-action adaptation ofAbsolute Boyfriendwill be filmed,4starring singer-actorWu Chunas Night and South Korean actressKu Hye-sunas Riiko.5On May 3, 2011,Jiro Wangreplaced fellowFahrenheitband member Wu Chun as the male lead of the drama series.6The series premiered on April 1, 2012 onFTV.

This is the first overseas drama to air in Singapore first before its premiere in Taiwan, although the Singapore broadcast didnt includebloopers/behind the scenes.

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