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About HDFC Mutual Fund Asset Management Company:

The HDFC Mutual Fund AMC was established in the year 2000 and is sponsored by Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. and Standard Life Investments Ltd. The HDFC Mutual Fund AMC has a total AUM of Rs.3,00,00 crore as on 31st March 2018.

HDFC currently employs over 80,000 people across four countries – India, Bahrain, Dubai, and Hong Kong. Standard Life Investments Ltd. currently employs around 9,000 people. As of December 2012, Standard Life Investments had over $272.6 billion in global assets under management.

Mutual Fund schemes from HDFC have consistently outperformed their competition on many occasions and have established HDFC AMC as one of Indias premier and best-run asset management companies.

Investing in HDFC mutual fund schemes is an easy and hassle-free process when done through the online route. Traditionally,mutual fund investmentsrequire trips to the fund house/AMC office and the submission of hard-copies of the following documents, but you can just upload them if youre investing with FundsIndia:

Documents required to invest in HDFC Mutual Funds

Proof of identity:Any of the following government-issued ID documents/cards can be submitted to HDFC AMC:

Proof of address:HDFC AMC will require proof of address in order to begin the investment process. Address proof can be any one of the following government-issued documents/cards:

Cancelled cheque:In order to link your existing bank account to the investment, HDFC will require you to submit a cancelled cheque from an active bank account thats in your name.

Passport photographs:Two recent passport-sized photographs are required for processing and verification.

Digital copies of these documents, signed and attested by the investor, can be uploaded to FundsIndia, who will then take it forward and complete the KYC process. Alternatively, the investor will have to print (and in some cases attest) physical copies of these documents and submit it to the AMC in person.

How to invest in HDFC Mutual Funds Online through FundsIndia

Log on to then create a free-for-life investment account with a secure password.

Step 2:Provide customer information details (your information) online, and then upload digital (soft) copies of the required documents to FundsIndia.

Step 3:Decide which HDFC mutual fund scheme you want to invest in, or heed the advice of our team of dedicated investment professionals and market experts.

Step 4:Pick your investment style – investing all at one go with the lumpsum investment method, or investing a little bit at a time through the SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) method.

Step 5:Watch your wealth multiply on the FundsIndia mobile app or the desktop investment dashboard!Benefits of investing in HDFC Mutual Funds Online through FundsIndiaWhat is the FundsIndia advantage?

FundsIndia incorporates bank-level security protocols to keep your data safe. Your data and money are 100% secured with the latest encryption and cyber-security.

Its important to invest in the right place at the right time to reap the best reward. FundsIndia employs a team of expert market analysts and investment advisors to guide your investment in the most profitable direction.

MoneyMitr is FundsIndias state-of-the-art robot investment advisor. The MoneyMitr technology automatically and diligently studies the markets to provide you the best investment options based on your investment goals.

No physical paperwork, no standing in queues, no wasting time in traffic. All required documentation and communication happens online in a fully secured environment.

Your linked bank account will be able to immediately credit and debit funds towards or from the investment scheme at your convenience (depending on the fund type).

To read more benefits of mutual fund investing, click here- Mutual Funds Sahi Hai

Hybrid funds invest across asset classes in a predetermined proportion in order to create capital appreciation while also providing a heightened level of investment security through investments in debt instruments. There are many different types of hybrid funds, and the top HDFChybrid fundsin 2019 are:

Mutual fund calculator tools are easy and efficient ways to determine your investment value over time. SIP calculator also helps you determine how much youll have to invest each month to reach your goals, or you can check how much can be earned through regular SIP investments of any amount. To calculate the value of your HDFC mutual fund investments,click here.

HDFC AMC has proven its ability to study equity markets and make profitable investments many times over.Equity fundsare considered riskier than other types of mutual fund investments, but also has the potential to provide excellent returns over the long term. The top HDFC equity funds to consider in 2019 are:

Debt fund schemes invest primarily in treasury bills, bank and corporate debt instruments, gilt securities, etc. and aim to provide returns better than fixed deposits to the investor – rather than investing in equities aiming at high capital appreciation. HDFCs topdebt mutual fundschemes in 2019 are:

HDFC Short Term Debt Fund Fortnightly Dividend

ELSS orEquity Linked Saving Schemesare also offered by HDFC Mutual Fund Company. The Indian Income Tax Act, 1961, allows for up to Rs.1,50,000 to be exempted from taxable income under Section 80C, if it is invested in specialized mutual fund schemes called ELSS.

Best HDFC Mutual Funds to Invest through SIP in 2019

SIP investing is simply another method or route through which a person can invest in mutual fund schemes. Investing in HDFC mutual funds throughSIPhas many benefits like Rupee cost averaging, disciplined investment schedule, etc. These are the best HDFC mutual fund schemes in which to invest through SIP method:

The level of success that can be attained by any AMC largely boils down to its human capital – i.e. – the people it entrusts with vast sums of money. These people are at the forefront of the investment battlefield making investment and divestment decisions based on market trends and research.

With over 20 years of experience in the fields of market research and mutual fund management, Mr. Prashant Jain is the Chief Investment Officer and Executive Director at HDFC AMC.

With over 15 years of experience in the credit rating and fixed income markets, Mr. Shobith Mehrotra is the Senior Fund Manager and Credit Head at HDFC AMC.

With over a decade of experience in the equity market and equity-oriented funds, Mr. Chirag Setalvad is the Senior Fund Manager at HDFC AMC.

The NAV orNet Asset Valueof a mutual fund scheme is a factor in determining the overall performance of the scheme. Browse through all the mutual fund schemes on offer from HDFC mutual fund AMC here:

HDFC Retirement Savings Fund-Equity Plan-Reg(G)

HDFC Retirement Savings Fund-Hybrid-Equity Plan-Reg(G)

HDFC Retirement Savings Fund-Hybrid-Debt Plan-Reg(G)

HDFC Dual Advantage Fund-II-1160D-Jan 2016-Reg(G)

HDFC Dual Advantage Fund-II-1160D-Jan 2016-Reg(D)

HDFC Dual Advantage Fund-II-1099D-Mar 2016-Reg(G)

HDFC Dual Advantage Fund-II-1099D-Mar 2016-Reg(D)

HDFC Dual Advantage Fund-II-1111D-Apr 2016-Reg(G)

HDFC Dual Advantage Fund-II-1111D-Apr 2016-Reg(D)

HDFC Dual Advantage Fund-III-1304D-Aug 2016-Reg(G)

HDFC Dual Advantage Fund-III-1304D-Aug 2016-Reg(D)

HDFC Dual Advantage Fund-III-1267D-Oct 2016-Reg(G)

HDFC Dual Advantage Fund-III-1267D-Oct 2016-Reg(D)

HDFC Dual Advantage Fund-III-1224D-Nov 2016-Reg(G)

HDFC Dual Advantage Fund-III-1224D-Nov 2016-Reg(D)

HDFC Equity Opp Fund-Sr 2-1126D-May 2017(1)-Reg(G)

HDFC Equity Opp Fund-Sr 2-1126D-May 2017(1)-Reg(D)

HDFC Equity Opp Fund-Sr 2-1100D-June 2017(1)-Reg(G)

HDFC Equity Opp Fund-Sr 2-1100D-June 2017(1)-Reg(D)

HDFC Housing Opp Fund-Sr 1-1140D-Nov 2017(1)-Reg(G)

HDFC Housing Opp Fund-Sr 1-1140D-Nov 2017(1)-Reg(D)

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Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Please consider your specific investment requirements before choosing a fund, or designing a portfolio that suits your needs.

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