We believe in strict risk management to avoid drawdowns and to benefit from the superior power of return compounding.

To consistently innovate and to advance the success of our investors and clients with the quality of our products and services.

At SAR we are driven by passion and dedication; being patient and disciplined, we work harder than most to achieve greater success.

To commit ourselves and live up to high standards of ethics and compliance.

To provide outstanding results and excellent added value with high quality, absolute return and Alpha generating investment solutions.

To trade highly active and very liquid investment strategies with outstanding performance and an exceptional level of transparency.

To be one of the leading investment boutiques for active investment strategies in the field of scientific, research-driven, model-based, quantitative portfolio management.

Welcome to the Website of Systematic Absolute Return AG (SAR)

We are a privately held, independent, boutique asset manager with a quantitative, research-driven investment approach, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

SAR has a strong focus on research and development, designing and implementing quantitative trading strategies to provide true value added through systematic and absolute return generating investment solutions with superior performance.

SAR has rigorously built a range of strategies to deliver the following investment value for investors:

Attractive risk adjusted returns with a range of different risk profiles

Genuine long volatility profiles (increased returns in volatile markets)

Excellent transparency without any black box issues and comprehensive, detailed reporting

SAR is committed to create, develop and implement ever new and unexploited investment strategies, based on its belief that markets are dynamic and investment parameters change over time, resulting in the need for asset managers to adapt to these changes through constant research and innovation.

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