Generate double digit returns p.a. (after fees) over a full investment cycle,

and avoid loss of capital over the medium term.

The Lonsec Fiscal group of companies brings together a range of businesses that provide finance professionals and their clients with services that help them create wealth and inspire prosperity.

In line with our absolute return objectives, we view risk as losing money. We are not interested in achieving relative returns against stock market indexes, but in creating wealth by investing in compelling stocks (long and short) that meet our high return hurdle.

Unlike most benchmark aware and index tracking funds, we have fewer portfolio constraints. Having a more flexible mindset, helps to increase the likelihood of us achieving our performance objectives, when compared to those fund managers who are bound by rules that make no sense from an investment perspective.

Compelling stocks are defined as those that meet our very high return hurdles and are mispriced and misunderstood by the market. Because we set the bar high, we focus our research attention on a small number of ideas that meet our strict criteria, versus trying to cover the whole market.

In 2012, Monash Investors was established by two of Australias most experienced fund managers in Simon Shields and Shane Fitzgerald.Read more

The Monash Absolute Investment Fund (Fund) offers investors an Australian equity fund with a long bias and an Absolute Return focus.Read more

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