Watermelon jerky, anyone? We love to hit up Trader Joes for some ofour tried-and-true favorites, but any true TJs fan will tell you that the real fun lies in trying out the quirky grocery chains newest products. Spring has brought a crop of interesting items to shelves nationwide here the ones that caught our attention.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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Price:$3If you ask us, pink chocolate seems like a totally legit way to welcome spring. TJs new Ruby Cacao Wafers are slightly fruity little discs of naturally rose-hued chocolate that are ready to chomp as is, or they can be melted and slathered onto other treats.

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Price:$3.49The eye-catching honeycomb-patterned bag may draw you in, but the addictive goodies inside will make you glad for impulse buys. Each pecan cluster is coated in so much chocolate and honey toffee thatit looks like a sugar-dusted stone, raves TJs fan blog Whats Good at Trader Joes.

Price:$4Whether youre a guacamole fan or more into guacs hipper sibling, avocado toast, TJs has decided to kick things up a notch with an Avocado Tzatziki Dip that gives our favorite squishy green fruit a Greek spin. Diced jalapenos add some heat.

Price:$3.49Spring is in the air, but losing an hour of sleep to daylight saving timestill has us feeling a little sluggish. TJs has brought back its spring sodas to put a little pep in our step. Were ready for the tart Rhubarb & Strawberry flavor, but Lemon Elderflower is also on the shelves for citrus fans.

Price:$3.69If you ask us, the cereal aisles have gotten a little too predictablesince the endless options of the 70s and 80s. TJs is spicing things up with Neapolitan Puffs, a mix of chocolate-, vanilla- and strawberry-flavored cereal bound to brighten our mornings. The sweetness comes from cane sugar, cocoa, and other natural flavors.

Price:$3.69Watermelon jerky? What seems like the worlds strangest mashup is actually kind of genius: Dehydrated watermelon has a chewy, jerky-like texture, and unlike regular jerky, its vegan. So far,this gets mixed reviews, but you only live once.

Price:$2.49Regular tortilla chips areso2018. These dippable rolled chips, made from corn masa, are dusted with a tangy chili and lime seasoning that means theyre just fine without salsa, too. Oh, and theyre also gluten-free.

Price:$3This is one of those devious bakery items that can be a breakfast, dessert or snack. We dont really need an excuse, because, well, milk bread full of chocolate chips is worthy of busting our low-carb diet any day.

Price:$3.49TJs salad dressings were overdue for an update, and they just got one in the form of this sesame dressing. Its a blend of organic sunflower oil, soy sauce, white vinegar, and toasted sesame oil. Black sesame seeds and a bit of brown sugar round out the party.

Price:$5Back for spring, TJs Rose Oil Hand Cream is a welcome addition to the stores small selection of beauty products. A blend of ingredients including damask rose oil, shea butter, coconut oil, rosemary leaf, and sweet almond promises to leave dry hands feeling as good as they smell.

Price:$9Trader Joes Small Lot coffee program spotlights limited-time buys fromcoffee-growing regions around the world. Look for this light roast from Bolivias Apolobamba valley, especially if you appreciate fruity undertonesin your morning cup of joe refined palates will detect apple, pear, and apricot.

Price:$3Bunnies get all the love this time of year, so how about giving the humble hedgehog its due? These cute cookies are made with wheat flour, honey, powdered sugar, and cultured butter. They come in 1-ounce packs perfect for kids lunch boxes. And theyre organic, which earns you 1,000 parenting points, of course.

Price:$4If you like your food Instagrammable, pick up a pouch of TJs Crunchy Red Dragon Fruit Chips. Vacuum-dried without any oil, these crunchy chips maintain the brilliant red color and unique texture of the dragon fruit, common in Southeast Asia.

Price:$5These semi-soft slices of mild, Brie-like French cheese are meant to elevate your sandwich game in a big way. AndThe Kitchnreports that these slices are also heavenly when theyre melted into a baguette with sea salt and a bit of olive oil.

Price:$1Know someone with a nut allergy? Reeses might be off limits, but you can still make them smile by slipping a pack of these sweet treats into their Easter basket. Theyre also gluten-, dairy-, soy- and tree-nut free.

Price:$3.29This traditional Middle Eastern sauce is an easy way to pep up meats or veggies, or it can elevate some humble pita. It combines fermented mangoes and Indian spices with garlic, salt, turmeric, and paprika.

Price:$3.49If youre cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs but not for gluten, its time to try out TJs indulgent version of this classic cereal. Sweetened with Dutch cocoa powder and made with rice and sorghum, Cocoa Crunch Cereal is actually gluten-free.

Price:$4The only thing better than a candle that reminds us of spring sunshine is one that smells like sunshine and cookies. Sounds like the perfect way to rid our house of that lingering winter funk.

Price:$3.49Red wine vinaigrette? Yawn. Ros vinaigrette? You have our attention. Now your salads can get in on everyones favorite boozy trend with this dressing, made with ros wine vinegar, sunflower oil, red wine vinegar, garlic, basil, oregano, and agave syrup.

Price:$2.49These crunchy hexagonal chips are the best kind of snack, made up of so much healthy stuff that we can almost convince ourselves they have no calories at all. That might not be true, but theyre a welcome alternative to veggie straws, tortilla chips and rice cakes.

Price:$3.49TJs again goes gluten-free with this new boxed mix, and theres that q-word quinoa to make any health nuts heart flutter. But quinoa or not, this is still a cake mix with 230 calories a serving once baked. Fortunately,its also rich, moist and decadent, reports food blogger Become Betty.

Price:$3This worthy addition to TJs great dried-fruit selection is free of added sulfur or sugar. Its suitable for solo snacking but would also be ideal in cereal, a parfait, trail mix, or even a cream-cheese spread.

Price:$3.69The holidays might be over, but meringues are still on the shelves at TJs. The popular seasonal peppermint variety has made way for new Chocolate Chip Cocoa Meringues, a gluten-free indulgence thats just 90 calories per serving.

Price:$3This might be the best thing to hit the TJs seasoning aisle since the much-loved Everything But the Bagel. Umami Seasoning Blend combines kosher salt, dried onions, mustard seed, two kinds of mushroom powder, red pepper, black pepper, and thyme to create a flavor profile that can top off almost any savory dish.

Price:$3Werehuge fans of Trader Joes Gnocchi al Gorgonzola, so were definitely excited for this new variety. Each potato-y pillow is already filled with sauce and cheese, so this really is a no-muss, no-fuss, heat-and-eat meal.

Price:$1.79The Joe-Joe is to Trader Joes as the Oreo is to the non-TJ world. This eponymous sandwich cookie has spun off several seasonal varieties, and now the Joe-Joe Slim a thinner, crispier, more snack-friendly version of the original. Grab a glass of milk and go to town.

Price:$4Whats a crab cake without the crab? If youre Trader Joes, the answer is a jackfruit cake. Marketed as crabless cakes, these vegan patties mimic the shredded texture of crab and are flavored with onion, cilantro, and celery salt.

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