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Review: Trader Sams Grog Grotto and Tiki Terrace at Disney Worlds Polynesian Village Resort

Its already time to go back inside (and outside!)Trader Sams Grog GrottoandTiki Terraceat Disneys Polynesian Village Resort!

While both the Grotto and Terrace continue in soft openings with anofficial opening anticipated for late April(when all the sought-after souvenir glasses will be available for guests to take home), these new hot spots remain the talk of the town.

On March 28th, when boththe Grog Grotto and the Tiki Terrace soft opened for the first day, tales of lines up to 6 hours long were nearly as much of a story as the bars opening themselves. So a common question now is, What are the wait times like?

How long until you can get past Trader Sams door?

Unsure of what to expect, my husband and I arrived at the Polynesian at 2 pm on a weekday for the 4 pm opening, and no line had started yet (though the bar is open until midnight, after 8 pm only guests 21 and older are permitted).

At 3 pm, we decided wed better stake out our spot, so we went to the inside door of the Grog Grotto, where two Cast Members were waiting. We were told we were the first for the day, and could start the line outside at the metal bench pictured below.

The next guest arrived at 3:15, and a line in earnest began to form at 3:30 pm. Around 3:50, a Cast Member came outside and gave us all a stamp to show at the door as our proof that wed been counted in the line. At this time, I counted around 40 people waiting, and when we were let in at 4:00 pm, everyone made it inside to fill up the 51 person capacity. Huzzah!

Outdoor entrance into the Trader Sams hallway

Now, Im not claiming this will be the case everyday. We clearly arrived early anticipating a wait and were shocked that there wasnt one, especially during whats considered a peak time (still in the Spring Break window). Now, I had a friend in town Saturday of the same week. She arrived at Trader Sams at 7:30 pm and was given a pager for a 90 minute wait, and folks arriving a while after were looking at a couple hours at least.

Thats not altogether surprising, though, since I think we can all anticipate longer lines on weekends for what is sure to be a popular destination for locals as well as vacationers for a long time to come.

Okay, logistics, schmogistics! WERE IN! Its time to see a little more of what Trader Sam has in store for his guests

Youve now entered Trader Sams happy hideaway. The story of the Grotto is told to us by Skip, Manager of the Jungle Cruise Navigational Company (just click the image below to enlarge). As head salesman of the jungle that we all know and love from the Jungle Cruise, Trader Sam discovered a passion for mixology as an extension of his professional interest in head-shrinking potions. As he traveled the globe for ingredients, he picked up many a souvenir and brought them back to the Grotto.

Entering the Grotto for the first time was for me, at least overwhelming in the best way possible. While you want to grab a table or a seat at the bar (and lemme tell ya, its best to move quickly to get one), its difficult to not want to try to take in every bit of the INSANE amount of details and decoration right away. This room is simply the stuff of dreams for fans of Disney detail and history.

Before we take in a few of those gems, the basic setup is small andwell, I dont know if cozy is the word. Its snug, for sure, but somehow not in a bad way. The way everyone is close together, it seems to encourage a party atmosphere and festive mood.

Oh, my where to start? Well, Ill take a cue from a Jungle Cruise Skipper and point out a few of my favorite details! Theres this one.

Ooookay,so CLEARLY that joke doesnt play out in writing the same way it does on the Jungle Cruise when your Skipper deadpans pointing out his or her favorite plants 😉 . Still, you get the point. There is just a TON of

schtick-y stuff crammed into every nook, and you could visit this spot dozens of times and catch something new every time.

Nautical elements are part of the theme as well, and fans of20,000 Leagues Under the Seawill find many reasons to enjoy peeking around.

Although I have to wonder if Sam really meant to bringthis guyback from his travels.

One more of the Cephalopod while were at it

But its not just the amazing setting that creates the Trader Sams experience. The skippers and bartenders serve up plenty of hijinks along with their concoctions, and so does the room itself! Taking its cue from DisneylandsTrader Sams Enchanted Tiki Bar, the ordering of certain libations causes a chain reaction. Order aKrakatoa Punch? That changes this calm, serene scene

If aPolynesian Pearlis what youre after, your bartender has to grab one from this glowing clamshell.

Oh, sure, its all fun and games in the Grotto until somebody orders anUh-Oa!Cast Members lead the chant (Uh-Oa! Uh-Oa! Uh-Oa!) alerting the Tiki goddess of Disaster.

Youre soon to find out, this makes herplentymad.

Tiki goddess of disaster when shes angry

Dont say we didnt warn ya! For more of the ordering antics, check out ourFirst Look from opening day of the Grotto!

Well, weve started talking about drinks, so I guess that means its time we get to sippin, Skipper!

The primary focus of the menu is a fun selection of Sams famous libations. Reading all the puns, jokes, and nods to Disney lore is as much fun as naming your poison, so Im including pics of the full menu here. While some drinks have made the trip over along with Sam from his Enchanted Tiki Bar in Disneyland, thePolynesian Pearlis a Disney World exclusive.

You can also get an idea for which drinks come in a souvenir glass from the menu drawings (again, please note, not all souvenir glasses are available to take home during the soft open period).

Also unique to Disney World is theTahitian Torch, while theMosquito Mojitocomes to us from Disneyland.

TheDark & Tropical Stormyis also new, pictured here beside theTiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum.

Dark & Tropical Stormy and Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum

TheKrakatoa Punchis a west coast native (souvenir glass pictured), while theCastaway Crushis an east coast baby.

Aaah, the much-discussedNautilus this souvenir bowl filled with all sortsa high-end spirits will be available as a take-home souvenir after the official opening for a tab of $52.

TheHippopotoMai-Taiis already a huge hit (Two Shots of Rum!), andRositas Margaritajoins the ranks, too. While both drinks hail from Disneyland, the HippopotoMai-Tai souvenir glass at Disney World looks more like the new Tiki statue that greets guests in the Polynesian Resort lobby.

TheShrunken Zombie HeadandUh-Oa!round out the list of specialty cocktails.

The Uh-Oa! comes with little pots of cinnamon on the actual cup that you can use to make sparks in the flaming drink as its brought to your table. Note that there are holes in the cup for four straws for sharing.

Sams No-Booze Brewsoffer non-alcoholic concoctions such as theSkipper Sipper,Polynesian Punch, andSchweitzer Falls.

If youre not into Sams mixology, have a look at thebeer, wine, andflights.

Though you wont see the Kungaloosh (well known to fans of Disney Worlds former Adventurers Club) on the menu at Disneylands Enchanted Tiki Bar, you can order one there (new or old version). However, its not available at Disney World. According to one of the bartenders,Trader Sam is out searching for an authentic Kungaloosh;so lets hold on to hope, Adventurers!

Food is available inside the Grotto, too. Well be delving more into this topic outside at the Tiki Terrace, but here is a peek at the offerings.

We couldnt resist trying a few of the brews that Sam mixed up just for the Grog Grotto, so we started with theDark & Tropical Stormy: Goslings Black Seal Rum, fresh lime juice, Ginger Beer, and Falernum. This first picture is a pan out, because as with every drink here, youve gotta check out the straw.

Okay, so now heres one of the actual beverage 😉 . And youll want to remember this one, because itsdelicious.

I wasnt sure what to expect, since ginger can be so overwhelming. But even as the dominant flavor it ended up great, making this drink both sweet and spicy. You can see from the picture that its poured in layers, so you experience different flavors with each sip if you dont mix it with your gigantic straw. The straight pour of rum lent a nice strength to this one as well. By the way, since the drink prices arent listed on the menu, the Dark & Tropical Stormy rang up at $8.00.

TheCastaway Crushis Leblon Cachaca, Cream of Coconut, pineapple, cinnamon, and fresh lime juice ($10.25).

The cream of coconut was right up my alley, though I really didnt pick up on the cinnamon. It was primarily the coconut and pineapple that came together for a classic tropical vacation drink.

The cinnamon was more prominent in our next beverage. This time we went with one you can also get at Disneyland: theTiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum($11.50). The ingredients definitely have appeal (this time its Pyrat XO Reserve Rum mixed with Cream of Coconut, OJ and pineapple juice, all dusted with cinnamon and nutmeg), but Ill admit it: Im a sucker for the name, and a sentimental Adventureland-lovin fool.

Again, the cream of coconut made this milky drink go down smooth andquickly! The spices and base together reminded me a little of theHorchata MargaritaatLa Cava del Tequilasans tequila (though the Polynesian Pearl, made with Rumchata, likely has a closer resemblance). The juices here were not as prominent to me.

While all three drinks were really enjoyable, the Dark & Tropical Stormy ended up as the strong favorite, not only because of the unique flavor and strength of the drink, but also because it seemed to offer the most bang for the buck, as the ice-based Castaway Crush and Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum were almost over before they began due to the amount of ice in the beverages.

We grabbed one more before exiting; this time, aNo-Booze Brew, theSkipper Sipper. Its a mix of tropical juices and agave nectar, falerum, mint, and fresh lime juice topped with soda water ($4.79).

This was quite awesome! I was really surprised at how well the tropical juices and lime were complemented by the mint, and the flavors were strong. I think its great that the non-alcoholic drinks appear to have been given as much thought and creativity as the alcoholic cocktails. I would get this again in a heartbeat (even though the best name for a No-Booze Brew still belongs to the Schweitzer Falls).

Schweitzer Falls at Trader Sams Tiki Bar

Altogether refreshed and entertained, it was time to leave the Grotto. Great drinks, an awesome cast, and a truly unique setting filled with a million nods for Disney fans all come together to create an immersive and memorable experience. I cant wait to go back, and even if theres a line next time, I wont mind much at all.

And now Welcome to Trader Sams outdoor haven, theTiki Terrace! We strolled outside after exiting the Grotto, and there was no line. It was just a casual walk to the table of our choice. We decided to grab food here since the lighting would be better for pictures.

Unlike inside, there is lots of seating available at the Tiki Terrace (it has a capacity for 80 as opposed to the Grottos 50). Umbrella-topped tables dominate the scene, but a few folks will enjoy the small surfboard tables.

The terrace itself is surrounded by what else? tikis!

Servers I mean, Skippers! come to your table, but they bring your brews from the bar in back.

Aside from the physical setting, a huge part of the atmosphere is the music of the islands.

The live music is a wonderful touch, and really lends to that Im at the Poly feel. Music still plays a part even when the musician is on a break. Surfing sounds and Hawaiian tunes pipe through the air. And when Tiny Bubbles comes on, keep an eye out for a Skipper sharing his own supply of tiny bubbles!

Speaking of the Skippers the Cast inside the Grog Grotto gets a lot of attention, as well they should. They are a huge part of the fun, and it wouldnt be what it is without them. In their own way, though, the outdoor Skippers are just as great, providing a really welcoming, fun, and warm setting for guests and offering great service at the same time. I cant say enough good things about them.

In general, though, its all VERY relaxed in sharp contrast to whats going on indoors. Where the Grog Grotto is wacky, zany, and loud, the Tiki Terrace is as chill as it gets, and I love that both atmospheres are available to experience.

The menu at the Tiki Terrace matches the Grottos menu with one incredibly cool exception.

While most of the hubbub has surrounded the Grotto, the Tiki Terrace has some bragging rights all its own, and among them is this: theSpikey Pineapple. You cant get this drink inside the Grog Grotto its only outside at the Tiki Terrace. Though we already looked at the menu pages, Im going to give this one its own closeup.

You read that correctly. The Spikey Pineapple isrum blended with Pineapple Soft-serve.

ThatsDole Whip, my friends! And the Spikey Pineapple is a huge, cold hurricane glass full of it in a form meant for sipping! Coming in at $10.25, this is a vacation in a glass: a classic Disney flavor with the soft serve, a hint of rum to add to your vacation pleasure, all topped off with a pineapple wedge, cherry, and an umbrella. Its cold and refreshing, yummy and whimsical. Well done, Tiki Terrace!

My husband ordered theKona Beer Flight: Kona Longboard Island Lager, Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale, and Kona Castaway IPA.

The souvenir glasses you see were not available to take home yet, but even when they become available after the official opening, you should know that the cool surfboard theyre sitting on stays with Sam. Hes partial to it.

Regarding the IPA specifically, my husband noted that the bold, citrusy hops with a touch of tropical mango and passion fruit were balanced by rich caramel malts, resulting in a clean and crisp finish.

Okay. So he totally didNOTsay that. But this handy card did!(Click image to enlarge.)

And he definitely thought the IPA was the standout. He enjoyed the option of the flight, but next time he plans to grab just the IPA.

Okay, now onto the EATS! You sure do work up an appetite in the jungle, so we went with four items, starting with theSalmon Oshizushi(pressed sushi).

The small white cup pictured above holds the soy sauce, and you also receive a mango curry sauce for spreading.

This is what I call a great starter sushi. Its simple and not as intimidating as a roll for a sushi beginner (I still consider myself one). And it was great fresh and flavorful, especially when you pour a little of the soy sauce on your plate so it soaks into the rice, and topped with some of the mango sauce.

Next up: theCorn-battered Portuguese Sausages.

Served with a curry ketchup (with hints of mustard and sriracha), these are exactly what they appear to be: corn dog sausages, complete with sticks!

The dipping sauce was a great spicy accompaniment for this tasty fried snack, and it turns out that corn batter goes almost as well with sausages as with hot dogs. This dish ended up being the table favorite, being that we (my husband and I and my friend who met up with us) all like corn dogs.

TheRoasted Chicken and Pork Pate Banh Mi Sliderscome in a batch of three as well.

The crusty bread that surrounds the meat is a good bread, but there was so much of it compared to the filling that I found it to be overwhelming, with the end result that the sandwiches seemed rather bland, even with the addition of the flavorful pickled vegetables. Of everything we ate, this is the item I will pass on next time.

Finally, we tried theKahlua Pork Tacoswith cabbage and pickled vegetables.

Kahlua Pork Tacos with Cabbage and Pickled Vegetables

Unlike the sliders, where the breading seemed too much, the breaded shells instead stepped up the game for the Pork Tacos. Fried and crunchy on the outside yet still the slightest bit soft inside, they were a terrific addition to the pulled pork, which had a nice barbecue zest. The pickled vegetables here are just a basic slaw, fitting for this dish.

Kahlua Pork Tacos with Cabbage and Pickled Vegetables

And with that, we wrap up our time at the Tiki Terrace.

Its funny, there have been a lot of changes at the Polynesian Resort since its refurbishment over the past several months. As a Disney fan who has long loved the Polynesian, I will admit that a few of the changes have been, for whatever reason, a little hard for me to get used to. There is something about the Tiki Terrace, though, that fits in so well that it feels like its been here all along.

After all the anticipation for Trader Sams Grog Grotto, I think its living up to the hype, offering a unique, fun, and interactive experience that youre likely to remember and talk about long after your visit. And while the anticipation surrounding the Tiki Terrace was understandably much less than the Grotto, I found that I enjoyed what it had to offer nearly as much with its own unique, laid-back style. (Plus, you knowSpikey Pineapple!!).

If you can make room for a trip to the Polynesian on your next Disney World vacation (and can handle the potential for wait times within your plans), I think youll walk away from Trader Sams Grog Grotto and the Tiki Terrace with some terrific memories. Just dont walk away with one of Sams artifacts unless youre willing to trade two of his heads for one of yours.

So heres hoping you get a chance someday to visit Trader Sams!

Are you hoping to visit Trader Sams on your next Disney World vacation? Please let us know with a comment!

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Looks like a great place and a fun stop for a drink, but I wish there were some vegetarian options on the snack menu. Even some mixed nuts or edamame would be nice.

Maybe those chicken wings from Konas would be nice.

But I love the whole Sams Grotto thing. I miss the Adventures Club and this helps. 🙂

Just bring on the Orig. Kungaloosh and the Jungle Juice That would really make me happy!!!

So Sams is inside but you wait outside on the bench?

Im excited to check it out! I havent been in the Poly much so heres a question how far is it from Captain Cooks? We want to grab dinner there and then have a drink after, but if theres going to be a wait Id like to get a pager first but dont want to be out of range of the pager either.

Is it ok just to grab drinks outside on the Tiki Terrace or is if more for those who want to eat?

We probably wont get food and Im worried about finding a space in the Grotto so the extra tables outside would be a great second option.

Its a pet peeve of mine when bars/restaurants dont print prices on the menu just rubs me the wrong way.

Cant wait to try it out! Just booked a Poly bungalow for November, so excited!! Thanks for the report.

I have a similar question to Kirstys, can you just go to the terrace for drinks and food without waiting to go into Sams Grotto?

90 minutes to 2 hours? The plan is to go, get my pager, then have dinner at Kona. By the time Im done my seating should be ready at the Grotto.

Maureen, I have a feeling that the lack of prices on the menu is due to the fact that Trader Sams is still in the soft-opening stage. Hopefully when it is officially open theyll have all the prices listed, along with some menu changes. Id really like to see those sliders get replaced with something a little more yummy sounding!

Joni Hi! Yes, from what I understand they have started the lines outside every day so far. Im not sure if there is an inclement weather plan (though there may be), but I guess its too keep that busy hallway from getting too crowded 🙂

Becky Its not far at all from Capt Cooks :). Theyre in the same general area (facing Capt Cooks from the lobby, the Grog Grotto is just a left turn down the hall). Id recommend checking with a Cast Member when you get your pager to be sure, but I think it might work in Capt Cooks. I was told the pagers work about midway through the lobby, and Capt Cooks is closer to Trader Sams than the lobby. Hope that helps!

Kirsty Hi! Yep, having just drinks is totally fine. I plan to go back to the Tiki Terrace every once in a while for the sole purpose of getting a Spikey Pineapple ;). Enjoy!

Julie Thanks for the question! Im sorry I didnt explain that better we happened to visit both on the night of our visit to check them both out, but guests are more than welcome to visit just one or the other.

How much are the Kona flights? I already love Konas brews, though my favorite isnt on the flight (Big Wave golden ale) but one I havent tried is (Fire Rock pale ale). So Id love to get it and get those glasses!

Were coming on Saturday & one of our plans is to try as many new beers as possible, especially from the Florida breweries. If your husband is a craft beer lover and wants to recommend some, wed love it!

You mentioned the Grog is open til midnight (21+ after 8). Are there similar hours/restrictions for the Terrace? And do you know if food is served until midnight? Thanks for the great review and pics. Cant wait to visit next month (were locals and waiting for the buzz to taper off a bit).

Thanks for the review! Even though I was there twice I learned more about the drinks, food, and artifacts by reading your review.

At our first visit 2nd day of soft opening, hotel staff did not know the line was outside. Found out after hanging out in Lobby for an hour, and ended up being a short wait. When we were there the beeper gets you in the bar but you need to find your own seat (at bar or cocktail table etc). So if you have a party of 5 you will get in but doesnt mean there is a table for 5 waiting for you. Since its a bar its fine, just think it can be important to some.

Did not seem like the atmosphere for kids for those wondering (in my opinion).

If you have a wait grab your beeper and head to the outside lounge and grab a drink.

Hi! I was just wondering, for drinks that come in souvenir glasses, do you have to buy the glass as well? Or can you get just the drink? Thanks!

Alicia, You can get the drink without buying the glass. The drink is served in the souvenir glass either way. Our server asked when ordering if we wanted to keep the glass. They mark your receipt and you get a new glass in a box to take with you, so you dont have a sticky mess, or left over drink at the bottom of your bag

Are the rum flight glasses available as souvenirs? I understand Sam wants to keep his surfboard.

I didnt see prices anywhere for most of those drinks. Particularly interested in price for Krakatoa Punch in souvenir tiki mug.

Thank you for such a wonderful article on Trader Sams and the Tiki Terrace. I miss it even more now though !!!! We visited in late April, my favourite drink was the Nautilus (we sampled a few)a great time and a memorable evening at the Poly.

I was wondering if the wait times are still significant now that Trader Sams has been open a few months? We would probably visit later in the evening, not right at 4 PM. Is it impossible to get a table? Thanks!

Jenni I was just there earlier this month and had about a 45 minute wait time at 7PM on a Saturday. Hope that helps!

Does anyone know if you can take a drink to go? Id love to grab a drink and then head out to the beach to catch the movie and Wishes.

Great article! I am very excited to get to Trader Samswe will be there in July, and will head there the first day we arrive. Im excited to see the details of the decor, and your pictures make me want to try everything. 🙂

Can you get the souvenir cup without the alcoholic drink? Or just with some water or soda?

Anthony We can offer you a best guess I think theyd sell it to you sans alcohol, but youd probably have to pay full price. Well look into it the next time were at Trader Sams. 🙂

I took my 7 year old granddaughter there in Dec for About 45 mins she enjoyed it but after awhile you see the same thing over and over, so I would bring the kids early for a quick drink and the Gorila Grog for the kidos and go.

I CAN NOT WAIT! We will be there in August and I must have a Hippopatami tai! I LOVE HIPPOS! (I wish the glass was a hippo. Only thing that would make it better)

Great review! Im going tomorrow and it was recommended I check this out and have my drink on the beach and watch Wishes? Where is this beach!?

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