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The Best Frozen Burritos On The Market, According To The Masses

You cant beat a great frozenburrito. From stoned trips to 7-Eleven for those late-nightmunchiesto sadhangoverbreakfasts to after-school snacks, frozenburritoshave always been there for us. The microwaved wonders fill a deep need for simple Cali-Mex on the go. Mushed beans and cheese inside a flour tortilla shouldnt tastethatgood, but here we are. Add some heavy chili spice and forget about it.

With so many options for a great frozenburritoonNationalBurritoDay, we had to askwhich is the best to cure thoseweed-inducedhunger pangs. For an answer, we headed over toRankerto see whatthe masseshad to say. The people spoke via thousands of votes and a clear top ten emerged. Amazingly,Trader Joesfrozen burritos just missed the top ten and ranked 12th. Well, we guessTJscant win everything.

Lets dive into the best frozen burritos you can eat right now.

Las Campanas Burritos feels like a good place to start. These burritos are okay but notgreatout of the microwave. However, you can make these burritos pop by letting them thaw and then frying them to get a little chimichanga action going (this is true of most frozen burritos). Otherwise, these are a tad bland.

Best Flavor:Red Hot Beef you need as much spice as possible to make these frozen burritos shine.

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Under-Appreciated Indie Albums That Were Released This Week

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