Your Ideal Trader Joes Snack Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Accompany me on this magical journey as I attempt to combine my two favorite things: telling people what their personality traits are based on the positions of stars and planets, and Trader Joes snacks.

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Sweet with a little bite, these Triple Ginger Snaps are the perfect Trader Joes snack for you,Aries. Youre a passionate little firecracker who has no trouble getting the attention of others. As the cardinal fire sign, youre a natural leader. We love that about you, but sometimes you can be a bit overbearing. When you feel that burning desire to boss everyone around, shove one of these cookies into your mouth instead.

You like the finer things,Taurus; youre happiest when surrounded by luxury. But that isnt to say you dont put in the work for ityou can be extremely determined when you have a set goal. Unwind at the end of a tiring week with these delectable Chocolate Lava Cakes. Theyre $2.99 and only require a microwave to heat up, so you can do what you do best: ballin on a budget within the comfort of your own home.

Ruled by Mercury, you are as curious and adventurous as one can be,Gemini. You also have a reputation for changing your mind a lot, and you often get bored of things. With all of the activities you have planned and the million different thoughts running through your head, you may not have the time (or patience) for a complicated recipe when it comes to cooking. Spice up your life with this Everyday Seasoning. It goes great on everything from tofu to chicken to mac and cheese.

Caring for others keeps your spirits high,Cancer. Youre intuitive, nurturing, and compassionate. Your sensitivity can be an asset in interpersonal relationships, but it can quickly turn into moodiness, so try not to let those pincers come out too often! When they need a shoulder to cry on, invite your friends over to share the ultimate comfort food: a massive Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie.

You have a reputation for being a bit self-centered and needy,Leo. But the truth is, you have a huge heart, and youre generous to the people you love. So what if you expect a lot from people? Youre happy to give all that and more in return. Spoil your friends with this Double Cream Brie (and take this opportunity to show off your party-throwingskills)!

As the sign of service, youre always there to help,Virgo. That, combined with your analytical and communication skills make you the best advice-givers around. Just like you, Trader Joes Chewy Granola Bars are practical. These snacks come in a variety of different flavors and serve as the perfect to-go breakfastso you have the energy you need in order to tackle that long to-do list!

Like Taurus, you are ruled by Venus,Libra. This explains your desire to be surrounded by beautiful things; youre in love with love, making you quite the charmer! Youre also a social butterflyyoure happiest spending time with friends in a beautiful setting, engaged in discussion and debate. Just like you, this Sparkling French Berry Lemonade is boujee, beautiful, and full of depth.

Ruled by the planet of power and control (Pluto), you come off as a bit mysterious and intense,Scorpio. Youre good at reading people and pick up on the smallest of details; this has the potential to make your relationships intimate and strong, but you have to let people in, too. Channel your intensity into a passion project, and snack on these Dark Chocolate Covered Powerberries to keep yourself energized.

Nothing keeps you down,Sagittarius! Your infinite energy and cheer is contagious; you know how to brighten up the room in an instant, and your friends would be quick to describe you as the life of the party. Just like you, these Baked Churro Bites are fun, sweet, and hard not to love. Bring them on your adventures as a little pick-me-up, or to share at your next party (as if people didnt love you enough already).

Youre an old soul,Capricorn. Youre great at accomplishing goalseven if it takes a great deal of time and hard workand carry wisdom and strength with you wherever you go. Calm and loyal, youre always there for your friends and family. With its old charm and reliable taste, this Trader Joes snack, English Toffee, is sure to speak to your soul (but more importantly, to your taste buds).

Youre a little bit of an oddball,Aquarius. Your ruling planet Uranus spins differently from the rest of the planets, and so do you; you like to do things your own way. People may describe you as eccentric, but heyyoure authentically you. Youre also a people person and have no trouble making friends wherever you go. You and this Almond, Cranberry, and Cashew Trek Mix are both a little nutty, but you work beautifully.

Youre everyones favorite Trader Joes snack,Pisces. Just like the famous Speculoos Cookie Butter, youre quirky, sweet, and creative. Your healing energy and compassion make you a great friendjust make sure to surround yourself with people equally as good-hearted. The best thing about this snack is that it allows you to do what you do best:get creative! From using it in baked goods to drizzling it over waffles and toast, the world is your oyster.

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