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For the selected rate of return, at the end of

Mutual Fund Return calculator helps you calculate mutual fund estimated returns on the capital invested. When we talk about investments, the most important aspect is what kind of returns can be expected. Returns can be quite varied in nature over a long period of time. Hence, it would be difficult to figure out what the eventual corpus would be at different expected rate of returns. SBI Mutual Funds Returns Calculator takes care of this specific need, so now while you concentrate on your financial planning our ready-to-use MF Return Calculator, will reveal how much your net worth would be down the line, taking into consideration the various variables including the type of investment likeSIPor Lumpsum along-with the investment duration and expected rate of return.

Fill in the fields accordingly to find out how much would have been your Principal Investment and your estimated Accumulated Wealth at the end of your tentative investment tenure.

while we redirect you to help find a suitable fund

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.