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Wealth management solutions for North American clients

Wealth management solutions for North American clients

We are an active asset manager with global reach and a multi-boutique approach.

Each of our boutiques draws on specialized investment talent, a strong performance culture and robust risk management. We deliver leading-edge solutions for both institutional and private clients.

Our two equity boutiques are the Quality Growth boutique based in New York and the Sustainable & Thematic boutique based in Zurich.

Actively managed fixed-income investment strategies from our Zurich-based Fixed Income boutique and London-based TwentyFour Asset Management.

Global, benchmarked, multi-asset portfolios or strategies with defined risk budgets.

Sustainability and Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) principles are firmly embedded in our culture. We live these values through our conduct and commitment to the common good.

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InChilethe funds may not be publicly offered, neither as an entity of Vontobel or under registration with the Chilean supervisory authority (Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros) in accordance with the Securities Act no. 18.045.

Vontobel Swiss Dividend, Vontobel Swiss Small Companies, Vontobel Fund (CH), Vontobel Fund (CH) II, Vontobel Fund (CH) III, and their respective sub-funds are funds incorporated under Swiss law and are authorised for public distribution solely in Switzerland.

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Interested parties not domiciled in Italy may obtain the aforementioned documents free of charge from the management company or representative in Switzerland: Vontobel Fonds Services AG, Gotthardstrasse 43, 8022 Zurich, the paying agent in Switzerland: Bank Vontobel AG, Gotthardstrasse 43, 8022 Zurich, the paying agent in Austria: Erste Bank der oesterreichischen Sparkassen AG, Graben 21, A-1010 Vienna, the paying agent in Germany: B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co. KGaA, Grosse Gallusstrasse 18, 60311 Frankfurt/Main, from the authorised distribution agencies and from the offices of the fund at 69, route dEsch, L-1470 Luxembourg. They may also download these documents from our AM Web.

Interested investors from Italy can obtain the abovementioned documents free of charge from the distribution agencies for Italy listed under Buy funds in the navigation bar.

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Moreover, investments denominated in foreign currencies are directly and indirectly subject to exchange-rate fluctuations. Distributions made in connection with funds and other investment instruments may also vary. Investors thus face the risk of not recouping their original investment in full. Even a total loss of investment cannot be ruled out. Please carefully analyse the risks inherent in an investment instrument, in particular the risk considerations contained in the current sales prospectus of the respective fund as well as the brochure Special Risks in Securities Trading from SwissBanking. Investors should also be aware, that the liquidity of fund shares and other investment instruments may be limited.

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