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Peanut butter and jelly sandwich packed lunches can become monotonous. Thankfully, Trader Joes has products that will help you quickly throw together a healthy and filling lunch. Getting ravenously hungry on campus or at your internship is a thing of the past. A basic packed lunch can include protein, grains, produce, a snack, and a dessert if you choose. An easy way to follow this product guide is to pick a product from each section for a well-rounded meal. Prepare to be the envy of your coworkers and classmates.

Perhaps the most convenient item sold at Trader Joes is prepared grilled chicken. Its available in both flavorful and bold Lemon Pepper and Balsamic marinades. Busy students may not have access to, or time to grill chicken, so having this is a treat. Each package comes with 3-4 chicken breasts, so they can last for a work or school week.

Columbus Maple Turkey is a sweet-and-salty deli meat. This is by far the tastiest and most savory deli meat I have eaten thus far. Put it on a sandwich with cheese, in a wrap, or eat it in the form of turkey roll-ups. The turkey comes in a resealable package for uses in multiple lunches.

Found in the grab-and-go section, Trader Joes Burritos come in a handful of varieties. The bean and cheese burrito deservedly won a Customers Favorite Award and is a great vegetarian option. These are best when paired with Trader Joes Garlic Chipotle Salsa or your favorite guacamole. Be sure to have access to a microwave for full enjoyment.

Another time-saving tactic is buying prepared hard-boiled eggs. Eggs are an incredibly filling source of protein and can be chopped up on top of a salad, or eaten on their own.

One of the tastiest grab-and-go meals are the Trader Joes Spring Rolls. These are available with shrimp, just veggies, and more. They are fresh, crisp, and ensure that you eat your greens. Just one is filling when included in a lunch, so these can last you for two lunches. Dip in Toasted Sesame Dressing or a Thai Peanut Sauce for a delicious combination.

Again, found in the grab-and-go section, Curry Cauliflower Quinoa Salad is a tangy, fulfilling lunch option. It can be portioned out for a whole week, but its tempting to just eat it all in one sitting. The quinoa pairs well with Lemon Pepper Grilled Chicken, or topped with other pan-roasted vegetables.

The classic college meal; ramen. These are cozy cups of noodle goodness, perfect for a cold or rainy day. Top with Sriracha sauce or add your own cooked veggies for the ultimate comfort food.

Trader Joes Ravioli (Any Type! Vegetarian Options)

One of the countless things Trader Joes executes flawlessly is their ravioli. A variety of fillings are offered including lobster, four cheese, roasted cauliflower, and lemon ricotta. Top with some olive oil and herbs or your favorite tomato sauce for a gourmet lunch. A few ravioli are very filling, so these can be used throughout the entire week.

These tortillas are bold and flavorful. My favorite way to eat these is to wrap up some Trader Joes Classic Hummus and chopped grilled chicken. White and wheat wraps seem monotonous and bland after tasting these.

Fresh strawberries can be found for great prices in the produce section year-round. You can pretend youre on a picnic when youre eating lunch sitting outside on campus. If only. The best part about these sweet and juicy fruits is that you can buy them in a 2-pound bulk pack that will last an entire week of lunches.

Prepared fruit salads offer a variety of fruits to add variety and color to lunches. You dont have to go through the hassle of washing and cutting the fruits the night before class or work, just pop some in a container and youre all set. Top with some shredded coconut or chia seeds.

Trader Joes Les Salades du Midi: Champs Elysees

Trader Joes pre-washed salads are great because they require little preparation. I prefer Champs Elysees lettuce because of the added shredded carrots and raddichio. Add toppings to your hearts content. Above, the salad contains pomegranate seeds, crinkle-cut sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds, and Everything Bagel Seasoning, all found in-store. For tighter schedules, I recommend simply topping with Carrot Ginger Miso dressing, found in the refrigerated produce section for a quick fix.

Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips, Chili and Lime Flavor

These robust chips have quite the kick! The rolled corn tortilla chips are cooked to a crunch and doused in mouth-watering chili lime seasoning. Its highly suggested to pick up some guacamole for dipping.

Peanut butter pretzels are arguably the most satisfying lunch snack. If salty snacks are your forte, these are a healthy alternative to potato chips with protein-packed peanut butter. These are great for a snack on their own because they are so filling.

For .99 cents each, Trader Joes Greek Yogurt comes in a rainbow of sweet flavors. Popular options include pomegranate, honey, and mango. Mix in some granola and chia seeds for texture. Fresh blueberries and chopped strawberries are also delicious additions.

Rx Bars are transparent with their wholesome ingredients; each package lists exactly what you are eating. These are a healthy option of clean, protein-rich granola bars that can be found in the health care section. Chocolate Mint and Cinnamon Apple Spice are so tasty, it feels as though youre eating something from a bakery.

Trader Joes is known for its delectable melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate selection. Perhaps the most popular snack is the savory peanut butter cups. Best consumed frozen, and by the handful.

A creative and nostalgic treat comes in the form of Birthday Cake Popcorn. This snack is a caramel kettle corn intermingles with sprinkles and frosting flavors for a delicious dessert.

You tryna be tricky? That email doesnt look right.

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