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My grandmother told me, Its as easy to date a rich man as it is to date a poor man. Or was thatmarrya rich man? Anyway, Ive dated both indiscriminately.

Some own airplanes and yachts. Others have a shrinking checking account and ramen noodles in their cupboard. All I really care about is their looks Im only partially kidding. I prefer that my dates look like neither my grandfathernormy 21-year-old son.

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This month, by coincidence, three 26-year-old men contacted me. They sent me messages like, Do you like younger guys? Wow You are stunning! Youre very cute.

Unless they have a trust fund, I doubt they fit into the rich category. Im told that cougar pups, young men who like older women, are either mommas boys or are looking for rich women. I really should date a few just to find out.

Whatever the age, its tempting to first scroll down a mans profile and check out his income. I dont. I scroll down to see hispolitics. Someone wise said, Politics is not just about who you vote for, but how you live your life.

Im attracted to the values of more moderate and liberal men; and, darn it, almost every conservativeisrich. Thats why I dont even need to look at their stated income.

Mostolder divorcedwomen are worse off financially after their divorce. Shouldnt I bemore pragmaticabout whom I date? At the beginning of a dinner date, I ask how he prefers to handle the bill. Do you feel more comfortable splitting the bill, paying for what you eat or paying for the entire bill?

Men are often surprised by this question but appreciate my upfronthonesty. Secretly, I know if its not the last, Im going to order soup for dinner. I dont have the budget to eat out as often as I do on my current dating lifestyle.

The truth be told, Im generally more attracted to financially struggling slobs who are blue-collar grease monkeys. They sweet-talk you and have a bit of an edge. You would definitely want to be at their side during a zombie apocalypse, as depicted in the popular TV seriesWalking Dead. A lawyer cant argue for our survival, and I dont need a CPA to count zombies breaking down my front door. I need a man who knows what to do with a wrench. Yes, smash the brains of those encroaching zombies.

Am I attracted to poor men because of their utility, or could it be something else?

Perhaps it all comes down tosex. Im told that blue-collar men make better lovers. Perhaps someday I can verify that (wink, wink).

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