MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) uses an internationally accepted and standardized code set known as theUnited Nations Standard Products and ServicesClassification (UNSPSC). UNSPSC standardization allows for enhanced spend analytics and better methods to manage future code changes. The standardization also provides the ability to better target vendors to receive solicitation notifications and reduces the effort for vendors to provide catalogs to the State of Florida.

United Nations Standard Products and Services Code(UNSPSC) is an open, public standard system of numbers (with descriptions) designed to identify and list commodities or services by categories and classes. UNSPSC uses a hierarchy to make codes easier to search and manage during procurement activities. The hierarchy allows spend analysis reports to summarize spend data to highest levels or allow users to drill down to the detailed spend categories. MFMP utilizes the four UNSPSC levels to organize goods and services into the following:

View more detailed information about UNSPSC commodity codes, how to search for vendors using this code set, and other useful information via thisjob aid

. There is also ashort online trainingthat discusses the steps needed to search for registered, active vendors inMFMP VIP.

Every State of Florida agency customer has the ability tosubmit a requestto make a code update (add, remove, move, or rename) from the current version of UNSPSC codes. A Commodity Code Review Team, comprised of agency customers and the MFMP team, also completes an annual review of any new versions of code sets released by UNSPSC to determine which codes to activate in MFMP. View theUNSPSC Change Management Process project pageto learn more about this process.

For more information about 2014 commodity code standardization project, clickhere.