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MarketWatchis a financial informationwebsitethat provides business news, analysis, andstock marketdata. It is a subsidiary ofDow Jones & Company, a property ofNews Corp, which also ownsThe Wall Street JournalandBarrons.

The publication reported it hit a record 33.3 million unique visitors in February 2018. The previous record was 27 million unique visitors in one month. As recently as January 2016, it had 23.3 million unique visitors, which was then a record.4It has been honored several times as a top large business-focused website byEditor & Publisher,Media Week, theSociety of American Business Editors and Writers, and other publications and organizations.5

The company operatesand the stock market simulation site. The publicationsOCLCnumber is 56914924.6

As per its website, MarketWatch was founded in 1997 by Larry Kramer, Bill Bishop and Thom Calandra, formerly ofBloombergLondon editorial department. It received initial funding from theFinancial Timesand Data Broadcasting Corp., aSan Mateo, California, company that owned distribution rights for financial information. Calandra recommended that Kramer hire David Callaway a former colleague of Calandra, as the sites managing editor from Bloomberg two years later. In January 2005,Dow Jonesacquired it for $530 million. For a short while, MarketWatch operated in partnership withCBS News. In 2013, Glenn Hall, former editor in chief of TheStreet, became the editor of MarketWatch.7In 2014, Jeremy Olshan, a veteran of theNew York Post, took over as editor.1

Adinolfi, Joseph (2014-05-14).Jeremy Olshan takes reins as editor of. MarketWatch WHOIS, DNS, & Domain Info – DomainTools.

Roush, Chris, sets monthly visitor record,

Wilkerson, David B.,Callaway to become top USA Today editor,

By MarketWatch (2013-09-23).appoints Glenn Hall editor. MarketWatch

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