This prestigious hedge fund company has a long history of success since its founder, Jeremy Grantham first created the firm in 1977. One of the largest hedge funds in Boston, Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. are still among the biggest players in the investment world.

With a staggering AUM of over $800 billion, this bank-owned company is among the world leaders in wealth and asset management.

CQS is an asset management company that focuses on multi-strategy areas such as credit, equities or loans.

One of the largest hedge fund companies in the world, Cevian Capital mainly focuses on international investment. They are one of the largest hedge funds active in Europe.

Founded by Paul Tudor Jones II, Tudor Investment manages and invests funds, being active in the public equity area.  It is currently one of the top US hedge funds.

Henderson AlphaGen is one of the largest UK-based hedge funds. They have a loyal European client base, focusing on high-income clients.

With a remarkable evolution, Fortress Investment Group quickly gained recognition as one of the biggest hedge funds in the world. In 2014, it was named Hedge Fund Manager of the Year (Institutional Investor) and Management Firm of the Year (HFMWeek).

BlueMountain Capital Management is a privately owned hedge funds that has locations both in New York and London. The company invests in fixed income and public equity.

Goldman Sachs used to be among the biggest hedge funds in the world, but the company didnt perform as well in recent years. However, they are still among the largest hedge fund of funds on the market.

One of the oldest and most prestigious hedge funds in the world, Lansdowne Partners offers its services directly to pooled investment sources.

One of the most successful top US hedge funds, Pershing Square Capital Management is owned by billionaire Bill Ackman. They provide high-quality services around the globe.

Bracebridge Capital is one of the largest hedge funds in Boston and it is managed and run by a woman, Nancy Zimmerman.

Anchorage Capital Group is one of the largest hedge funds on the market, employing 164 people and providing services to over 100 clients worldwide.

One of the top hedge fund firms from the United States, Canyon Partners was founded by Joshua S. Friedman and Mitchell R. Julis.

An important presence on any list of hedge funds by AUM, Moore Capital Management has a long history of high-quality services.

Value Partners is one of the biggest hedge fund in the world, having their headquarters located in Hong Kong. They are among the most important players in the financial world of Asia.

One of the largest multinational investment firms, Pacific Investment Management Co. currently employs over 2,000 people worldwide.

Paulson & Co is an alternative investment firm which focuses on event driven investments. The original founder, John Paulson, is currently serving as manager.

After a stellar evolution, Third Point management became one of the largest hedge funds 2013. Three years later, the company is still among the top hedge fund firms in the world.

Owner: Patrick Brummer, Per Josefsson, Peter Thelin

Brummer & Partners is among the largest hedge funds in Europe, being a respected player on the global market as well.

ValueAct Capital Management is privately owned and it provides services to both high worth institutions and individuals.

One of the main, large hedge fund companies on the market, Appaloosa Management is specialized in distress debt.

In 2011 Farallon Capital Management became the 12thbiggest hedge fund on the planet, managing both individuals and companies.

Founded by Francis Biondi Jr. and Brian J. Higgins, King Street Capital Management is one of the largest hedge funds in the UK, ranking high in the global tops as well.

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