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Hedge Fund Returns Mixed at Close of 2018s First Half

Halfway through 2018, the industry is producing very mixed results. Just over half of reporting strategies are positive for the year, according to the just-released June 2018 eVestment Hedge Fund Performance Report. Those funds that are positive are up an average of +5.3%, while those in the red are down an average of -5.3%.

Overall industry returns were just slightly negative at -0.51% in June, while 2Q 2018 returns were positive at +0.37% and YTD 2018 returns stand at +0.16%.

Among primary markets Broad Capital Structure funds are among the strongest performers, returning +0.45% in June, +2.25% for the second quarter and +1.94% for the first half of the year.

Among primary strategies, Distressed and Origination & Financing funds are performing well. Distressed funds returned +1.53% in June, +3.50% and +3.34% YTD. Origination and Financing funds returned +1.02% in June, 2.48% in 2Q and +3.83% YTD.

Commodities funds are among the biggest losers so far in 2018, returning -2.70% in June and -1.30% YTD.

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