This is a real time Competition taking place with real money and real accounts, only for serious investors.

Competition period is 12 months long so you can have enough time to validate and fine tune your strategies.

Minimum to participate in the competition is 2000 USD or 2000 EUR.

Choose your own strategy and follow it during the whole competition.

Stocks, ETFs, Futures, CFDs, Options adn FX are allowed.

Traders, Investors and Portfolio Managers worldwide are invited to compete in the8thedition of the World Top Investor competition, which starts on 1stJuly 2019.

World Top Investor attracts intelligent traders and investors who take pride in being good at what they do. The World Top Investor provides an online public track record, showing a performance chart and ranking of competitors throughout the competition.

This is A real-money, real-time opportunity which offers traders and portfolio managers the opportunity to build fame and recognition over a period of 12 months.

Open an account with any one of the broker sponsors in the World TopInvestor competition

You will automatically be competing at the World level as well as the country level.

Plan your strategy and manage portfolio. Performance results will be tabulated and posted daily.